Results The Great-Race 2015.

Winning Team: Harley

Day One (No Co-efficents)

1st  Daryl  Jenkins,  2nd Robert Hodge,  3rd  Richard Taylor

Rolling Race

Indian: Terry Anderson     Harley: Steve Mowat

Best Indian ‘Concours’:   Kathleen Murphy

Best Harley ‘Concours’:   Barbara Mallon

Saturday Time Trial:

1st  Connor Murphy,  2nd Daryl Jenkins,  3rd  Leighanne Patterson

Sunday Time Trial:

1st  Bruce Baker,  2nd Adam Chate,  3rd  Dugal James

Carpark Time Trial:

1st  Patrick Arundel,  2nd Paddy Snowden,  3rd  Zac Arnold

Individual Team Winner:

Redfern Wreckers

Phil Fordham, Michael Johnson, Stephen Cooper, David Cooper.

Spirit of the Event: Wayne Donnet

Overall Place Getters:

Harley Team

1st  Chris Wells,  2nd  George Hammond,  3rd  David Sanderson

Indian Team

1st Danny Guest,  2nd  Connor Murphy,  3rd  Bianca Bonner