Harley Win 2016 Great-Race By Narrowest Of Margins.
The 24th Great-Race held in Northern Tasmania has been won by the Harley Team for the second year running. At the end of the first day with all its big guns firing and a solid performance by its midfield Harley held a comfortable lead. However on Sunday the Harley tail started to wag and Indian finished strongly being a mere 36 points out of 7000 short of taking the prize. Indian still hold the lead in overall victories.


2016 Great-Race Results
1st Charlie Barber Indian
2nd Chris Wells Harley
3rd Bill MacNamara Harley

First Time Trial

1st Bill MacNamara Harley
2nd Ian Gordon Harley
3rd Gary Goodwin Harley

Second Time Trial
1st Kevin Breen Indian
2nd Tony Smith Indian
3rd Matt Willis Indian


Carpark Time Trial

1st Eddy Garner Harley
2nd John Straw Indian
3rd Pat Arundel Indian

Best Performance by a Military Bike

1st Cliff Glover Indian
2nd Ron Xuereb Indian
3rd Neil Campbell Indian

Winning Individual Team

Team Gunk
Eddy Garner, Kendal Maroney, David Sanderson, Colin Gibson.

Best Harley Military Bike

Ian Gordon 1942 XA

Best Indian Military Bike

Rod Barker 1941 741 Scout

Spirit of the Event

Richard Barthelmie Scotland


1st Harley Bill MacNamara 1929 JDH
2nd Harley Chris Wells 1932 VL
3rd Harley Steve Mowat 1938 EL

1st Indian Tony Smith 1928 101 Scout
2nd Indian David Moore 1928 Four
3rd Indian Jonathon Munn 1916 Power Plus

Winning Team